Write to write well


Seriously, just write to write well. Books help, interactions with experienced authors do wonders but nothing can replace writing yourself.

When we write, we get to know more about our tone, voice and style. Many times we presume that by reading and watching English films, we can replicate their way of communicating. This is far from the truth. We got to put pen to paper, our fingers to the keyboard or whatever works for us to write with a flare. To write stuff people don’t skim but actually read word to word.

We, at Salzenic become scared to think of ourselves as natural writers because we know our capabilities and limitations. Still, why stop dreaming?

Imagine if we continue writing every once in a day for the next fifteen years and don’t stop reading good material, we could become the next famous author.We are already getting the chills.

Moreover, in these confusing, unpredictable, lazy times of staying at home and basically staring the white wall why not put our thoughts on a sheet. The sheet we might pick up Fifteen years down the line and smile at our thinking and well, writing skills.

Yes, social media time pass is a good time pass but it’s a passive, dumb time pass that only makes us cringe, jealous and mentally sick to the extent that it spoils our real lives. In short, stick to MAXIMUM Five minutes of toxix social media screen time in a day. Try reducing it as the days go by.

Trust us, your brain would improve. Writing would definitely take a front seat and you never know – you might read your name in a news article posted on a well established newspaper such as Guardian

2 thoughts on “Write to write well

  1. I love writing and recently I started reading again. At the beginning of the pandemic I found it hard to concentrate enough to read but I’m back now! And I’ve always found that it helps with my writing which is a plus. Great post!


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