There was a time when I was addicted to scrolling through YouTube and other social networks. I don’t know what or who hit me hard on my head that I stopped. Spending hours and hours in front of the screen, viewing random stuff was no more fun. You could say I had the ‘eureka moment’ where I understood that no one has control on my life other than me, myself.

Here me talk on youtube and

Grateful to my loving family and beautiful friends for guiding, advising and providing me the occasional scolding to push me in the right direction or, rather a direction I was made to go in.

Since that time, it’s been impossible for me to sit with laptop on my desk and, kill time.

Travelling, cooking and communicating have been life changing. I’ve learn’t heaps and heaps on each step. Not always climbed well but, had my share of bumps and weeds here and there. All good!

I try to pen down those instrumental experiences, for all you generous readers. Of course, with all my heart and soul I hope that you too, grow to become a compassionate human being.

The world needs more people like all of us. Head to the blogs page to find some scroll worthy (I promise) material.

Salzenic – to become a better you.

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